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Homeowners in South Australia are increasingly looking to lower their energy costs in uncertain and ever-changing world, and it’s no wonder as South Australian households pay some of the highest electricity costs in the world.

South Australian households have embraced solar battery storage solutions, given the attractive government and retailer rebates and offers. Connecting a solar battery allows excess solar energy to be stored and used at night-time, during cloudy days and even in case of grid failure, your home remains powered and secured. Homeowners with a battery connected to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) may even be able to sell excess energy stored in their battery.

The SA Government’s Home Battery Scheme is being reduced from $6,000 to $4,000 on 15 April 2020, so you need to act now to make the most of this subsidy. Call us to save an additional $5,100 thanks to our partnership with Simply Energy. Clipsal Solar can save you up to $14,600 on a complete home solar solution – solar + battery + VPP connection – now. If you have solar panels already, battery purchases start from $4,990.

What an average home can save with a 6.6kW solar + storage + VPP system*

Items Tesla solution by Clipsal Solar
Retail Price including GST $25,000
Minus STC Rebate ($3,500)
Minus SA Government Rebate ($6,000)
Minus Simply Energy VPP ($5,100)
You’ll only pay $10,400

Clipsal Solar’s Clipsal Cortex analytics home energy services kit includes innovative sensor technology and algorithms to continue to find you savings long after install. We don’t make solar panels or storage batteries; nor do we take kickbacks from energy retailers to promote certain products or plans. We only partner with experienced installers and quality products, assessed by our Solar Engineers, including Tesla and LG Chem battery systems, Fronius and SolarEdge inverters, as well as true tier 1 panels from LG, Q-Cells, Trina, JA Solar and others.

Clipsal Solar can help you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improve self-sufficiency: While the initial upfront investment of a battery can appear significant, measures to improve self-sufficiency will last for years to come and safeguard your energy bill from rises or unexpected shocks.
  • Reduce grid load: We’ve seen recently that during stressful times, such as bushfires and severe weather incidents, and now Covid-19, the local energy grid can be overwhelmed. Reducing reliance on the grid and employing solar battery solutions improves the overall community impact and lowers energy costs for all South Australians.
  • Save – and even earn – money: VPP schemes, such as those offered by Simply Energy, can allow you to sell your excess solar energy if you’re not storing it to use it.

With the South Australian Government Battery rebate reducing, this is the time to act. Simply contact Clipsal Solar by email at sales@clipsalsolar.com or register your interest at clipsalsolar.com to receive your free consultation by one of our solar energy consultants.

*Retail price and estimated savings based on standard house design, single-storey, in Adelaide metropolitan area, based on 13kWh Tesla battery and participation in the Simply Energy VPP. Subject to meeting eligibility criteria. Exclusions apply.

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