Randwick Council announces new rebates for sustainable products.

Randwick City Council has launched their new Sustainability Rebates, a program to support houses, units, and businesses in Randwick to implement energy and water saving initiatives.

Starting from 11th November 2020, businesses and home owners in Randwick could receive up to $3,000 for sustainable purchases covering rooftop solar, rainwater tanks, pool pumps, insulation, or one of the other ‘sustainable products’ listed.

What Solar rebates are available?

Residents could save up to $2000 on Rooftop Solar, $500 on batteries, $150 on an Energy assessment and $100 on Solar Health Checks.

How can Clipsal Solar can help you save

Every residents rebate will differ depending on setups, however on a typical 6.6kW system house install we expect to see a $660 savings on roof top panels and a $500 on a battery to suit.

Sagar Sood, Business Development Manager for Clipsal Solar. “We’re excited to see this move by more councils in support of the industry. Our Clipsal Cortex app works hard in the background to find savings for existing customers, but the the team ensures they’re on top of all local council incentives and rebates programs to ensure we’re advising new customers on the best solar savings in their area at the time.”

Live in Randwick and interested in Solar? Contact us for a Quote or give our customer success team a call on 1300 057 076 to advise you on your best options to take advantage of these new rebates.

¹Terms and Conditions apply. ²Savings are estimates only. ³Businesses using less than 275 kWh/day only. kW (kilowatt) is a measurement of a rooftop solar systems size.

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