Feel the Pulse

More than just solar panels on your roof, our Pulse Analytics Kit becomes part of your home or business. 

Innovative sensor technology connects to your home to show your real-time electricity consumption across appliances, in simple dollars not kilowatts, giving you visibility over your electricity use so you can take control of your power.

Insights that
Save You More

The Pulse app puts electricity savings in your hands. Our algorithm breaks down your electricity usage to help you use your solar efficiently. We save customers an average of $349* per annum by sharing insights that identify potential savings made through simple changes in behaviour.

Battery Sizing

It’s becoming increasingly important to be energy self-reliant. Pulse will look at your energy usage to determine exactly how much a battery could save you. With the exception of winter, you could effectively be in credit every month plus you’ll have back-up power when you need it.

See Your Return
on Investment

Solar is not a small investment. Pulse is the only app that tracks your solar savings compared to your initial investment. Accurate to within 5% of your estimated bill, see exactly when your solar system has paid for itself and spend your cash on something nicer than bills.

Pulse at Peak

Your solar savings are only as good as the performance of your system. As part of your Pulse subscription, our dedicated Customer Success Team ensures you save more with Clipsal Solar by providing ongoing support, including: 24-hour system monitoring, system alarms with dial-in maintenanceand repair.

The Best Gear for You, Made Smarter.

Our Pulse Analytics Kit saves you by providing regular retail plan checks and personalised insights to identify energy saving behaviour changes.

ROI and Payback on Investment dashboard

Battery Calculator

Electricity Bill History

Bill Validation

Referral Program (Earn $100 each!)

Live Real-Time Data View

Appliance Cost Breakdown View

Up to 7

System Health Status Alerts

Retail Plan Check

Designated Clipsal Solar Personal Insights Manager

Installation Admin Support (rebates, smart meter forms, grid connection application, warranty, VPP)

Support (e.g. Pulse app, billing)

Personal Pulse Onboarding Call

Custom Year in Review Insights

Appliance Advice (e.g. pool pump timer, water heater)

Subscription Term

5 years

*Savings based on actual data from 380 SA and NSW homes using Clipsal Solar’s Pulse Analytics Kit. Study from 2020.
**Savings based on 6.6kW solar system, grid supply 37c/kWh, feed-in tariff 16c/kWh, 13.5kWh battery, 64% solar
exported to grid, postcode 5000

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