Kane and Lucy Cornes Power Through Winter with Solar + Storage


We’ve thought about installing solar for a long time now. We live in South Australia, home to the most expensive power in the world, but we had always put it off because, to be honest, we really didn’t know where to start.

The time is now

It wasn’t until after the Australian bushfires in early 2020, we felt very motivated to become more energy independent. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had a  lot more time on our hands and started researching solar and storage and ways to harness what we have so much of – sunlight.

We were looking for ways to put less stress on our environment and reduce our energy bills and we heard there were also some government rebates, reducing the outlay we’d need to invest. We turned to Clipsal Solar & LG Home Battery for help.

The Clipsal Solar experts installed a system to match our home, budget and lifestyle. Their Clipsal Cortex Analytics Kit means we can keep an eye on our electricity use, helping us to find savings. We can easily see our electricity usage, even down to the detail of each major energy-consuming appliance. I just do it from the Clipsal Cortex app on my mobile.

Clipsal Solar was a breeze to work with, speaking our language, taking away the confusion and giving us the power to make solar savings simple – talking dollars and cents, not kilowatts.  

And as for storage, LG Home Battery was the right solution for us. The fact we could custom design our battery, based on the size of our solar system, really influenced our decision. We didn’t have the roof space to accommodate a larger system, so having a bigger battery would have gone to waste.

And of course, LG Chem is a brand you can trust, it’s the world’s oldest and largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer.  And we can relax knowing that if we need to speak to LG home battery their head office and service team is here in Australia.

Funnily enough, our LG home battery was out to the test only five days after installation. We had a blackout that impacted our neighbourhood, and for the first time ever we could carry on as per normal as a family because we could rely on our stored power through the shut-down.

Powering the future

I’d always thought choosing a solar and battery storage provider would be tedious, but it Clipsal Solar and LG Home Battery made it seamless. We can’t wait to see the reduced bills, if we even get bills! Plus we now know that we’re reducing our environmental impact, which is important for the next generation.

Discover how you can Power Through Winter with Solar + Storage too. We’re offering a package to install full Solar + Storage OR add a battery to your existing solar system.

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