Clipsal Solar is part of a 100-year old Australian company backed by Schneider Electric. We have the legacy and resources to support you over the life of your system. Once we’ve installed your system, we continue to monitor, maintain and support it to make sure it’s always in top condition. And we don’t stop there, we’re always a call away for answers or honest advice. We’re your energy partners for life.

Electricity bills are too costly and confusing and that’s not fair so, we’re challenging the status quo. We’re here to help you get the most use and electricity bill savings from your solar by enabling you to make better energy choices for your home.

Clipsal Cortex tracks your solar power system’s energy generation and measure your home’s electricity consumption in real-time. And through sophisticated data analytics offers personalised insights and advice to help you use your solar power more efficiently to boost your electricity savings.

Clipsal Solar runs automated retail plan checks on a semi-annual basis to determine if your retail plan is is the best one for your electricity needs. We have a massive database of electricity rates and retailers and crunch the numbers to determine your optimal plan.

We don’t make solar panels or storage batteries; nor do we take kickbacks from energy retailers to promote certain products or plans. We only develop innovative software and technologies to save you more on your electricity bills. We are your trusted independent advisor and energy partner for life – from solar to future technologies (like electric vehicles), we’re with you every step of the way to guide and inform you.

Clipsal Solar is a technology company that takes the cost and confusion out of electricity through sensors, data-enabled algorithms and machine-learning technology. Clipsal Cortex enables you to make better energy choices in your home and save more on electricity bills.

Clipsal Cortex can be easily integrated into any existing solar power system to start saving you more immediately.

Your solar savings are only as good as your solar production. Clipsal Cortex runs system health checks to ensure your solar system is running in peak condition and sends automatic alarm notifications when your solar system is underperforming or off-line.

Clipsal Cortex offers a return on investment calculator that tracks your solar generation and electricity rates to calculate your costs and predict your solar system’s return on investment accurately over time.

Clipsal Cortex uses IoT sensors integrated into your home to monitor your solar production, battery storage and electricity consumption. It measures individual appliances such as air conditioners, pool pumps and hot water heaters in real-time to give you an accurate breakdown of your usage. Through sophisticated data-enabled algorithms and machine-learning models, Clipsal Cortex analyses the data to deliver personalised data-driven insights into your electricity consumption that help you use electricity more efficiently to save more on electricity bills.

Clipsal Cortex is an app that helps you take control of your home’s electricity. The app monitors your solar production, battery storage and consumption, showing you when and where you are using the most electricity and what it’s costing you. Clipsal Cortex uses this data to offer personalised insights to help you save on electricity bills.

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