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Decoding solar rebates for South Australians

If you have friends with solar, you’ve probably heard them talking about how much they’ve saved or are being paid.
With so many rebates and incentive schemes, we’ve compiled a list of incentives available to South Australian households, and how much is on offer, so you can benefit too!

How to make the most of your retail energy plan

Electricity bills can be confusing; comparing discounts or different time-of-use rates. Meanwhile the energy landscape is shifting rapidly. With Australians paying some of the highest residential electricity bills in the world – how can you take the confusion out and maximise your savings?

Take Control Now and Save More than $14,000

As more South Australians turn to solar battery storage solutions to lower their energy costs, the state government is winding down its Home Battery Scheme. Find out how you can maximise your savings if you act now.


Are your solar panels performing?

Installing solar power promises lower electricity bills and a more conscious eco-footprint but how can you tell if your solar system is working to its fullest potential? Here’s how you can find out.

Don’t waste your energy this summer

Summer is here and that means juicy mangos, dips in the pool, test cricket and the aircon on full blast. For most of us it also means higher electricity bills. Here’s how to cut your costs this summer.

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