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Our Mission

Practical choices that make a big change. We aim to transition the world’s homes to sustainable energy by giving you affordable solar power systems and cutting edge data analytics technology that empowers you to make more efficient and cost-effective solar energy choices for your home.

About us

The Team

Preeti Bajaj | Clipsal Solar

Preeti Bajaj


Preeti combines a unique blend of vision and pragmatism in ensuring Clipsal Solar’s business relevance and organisational agility in a rapidly evolving world. She has successfully helmed significant enterprise model transformations and implemented business strategies across ASX listed corporates, multinational enterprises and emerging technology organisations.

Neil Maguire | Clipsal Solar

Neil Maguire


Neil is Clipsal Solar’s Chief Technology Officer. A leading renewable energy, automotive, software and semiconductor executive, he is known for leading digital transformations, developing products focused on solving the world’s biggest challenges in energy, transportation and sustainability.

Kyle Jenkins | Clipsal Solar

Kyle Jenkins

Head of Growth Operations & Finance

Kyle is a chartered accountant with years of experience in leading large-scale audit teams. He was previously CFO of an ASX listed technology company where he was responsible for cash flow strategy decisions, raising 25,000,000 in capital. In 2017, he founded a Virtual CFO business and was a finalist in Accounting Firm of the Year within 12 months.

Stace Tzamtzidis | Clipsal Solar

Stace Tzamtzidis

Head of Business Development and Partnerships

A results-oriented professional, Stace has a proven track record and more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, business planning, marketing and P&L management across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Mitch Eadie | Clipsal Solar

Mitch Eadie

Head of Product & Customer Experience

With over nine years of engineering expertise in customer development, Solar PV, Storage, Power Systems and grid connection, Mitch's passion is to disrupt the industry, allowing consumers to take control of their electricity costs through innovation.

Henry Blumentals | Clipsal Solar

Henry Blumentals

Data Scientist

Henry, a UNSW scholar, is our multi-award-winning data scientist with years of experience focused on the development of digital and IoT technology in the renewable energy and scientific innovation sector.

Daniel Tam | Clipsal Solar

Daniel Tam

Data Scientist

With over five years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Daniel is an expert in PV and Energy Systems with a focus on solar analytics, mathematical optimisation and artificial intelligence.

Sagar Sood | Clipsal Solar

Sagar Sood

Business Development Executive

Director of the UNSW Engineering Society and a former winner of the Unilever Energy Sustainability Pitch Competition, Sagar is a true believer in renewable energies. Beginning his career as a Data Analytics intern at Schneider Electric, Sagar is now committed to the success of Clipsal Solar.


Schneider Electric | Clipsal Solar

Why Clipsal Solar

why clipsal solar

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Is transitioning the world to sustainable energy as important to you as it is to us? Then join Clipsal Solar today.

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Sustainable Solar Systems | Clipsal Solar

We are proud to be accredited as a Clean Energy Council solar retailer. This means delivering responsible sales of our solar panels and batteries, and following industry best practice.

We are proud to be accredited as a Clean Energy Council solar retailer. This means delivering responsible sales of our solar panels and batteries, and following industry best practice.